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                Compensation & Benefits

                Chipown always considers employee's benefits and compensations, especially to those who perform the best. Pay by function and for performance is the basic compensation policy; personal salary is linked with individual contribution and the results of the related department, while we provide the best possible and constantly improving welfare and a good working atmosphere to all our employees.


                Competitive Salary Structure:

                ● Salary: In addition to an attractive salary, Chipown also sets a variety of incentive mechanisms, such as bonuses (quarterly award, project award, achievement award, and excellence award), promotion, annual salary increases, and annual profit sharing. The company has also implemented a long term incentive plan for those who provide the outstanding performance and outstanding contributions, such as giving key employees a stake in stock plans.

                ● Social Security: The company will, in accordance with national and local regulations, provide the contributions to the pension insurance, unemployment insurance, medical insurance, industrial injury insurance, and maternity insurance plus housing fund.

                ● Commercial Insurance: The company also provides extra contributions to the accident and health business insurance to better protect the employee's personal interest.

                Warm Welfare Benefits:

                ● Holidays: Employees are entitled to statutory leave and paid holidays.

                ● Meals: Lunch subsidies are provided for employees; while free refreshments are available during afternoon tea time break.

                ● Festive:  For traditional Festivals (Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, Chinese new year) company provides staff with cash certificate.

                ● Birthday Celebration: On every employee's birthday, the company will send employee a birthday cake card.

                ● Other Celebrations: When employees get married and have kids, the company will give employee a gift.

                ● Care Visit: When employees are admitted to the hospital, the company will send condolences and help to deal with medical matters.

                ● Tourism: Annually the company organizes spring and autumn outings for employees

                ● Health: Chipown provides staff with a comprehensive physical examination each year, and organizes health knowledge lecture from time to time.