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                Awards & Recognition

                  Chinese government certified Hi-Tech Enterprise 
                  Chinese government certified IC Design Company
                  Post-doctoral Research Station
                  JiangSu Provincial Power IC Engineering Research Center 
                  Jiangsu Provincial Innovative Enterprise
                  Jiangsu Provincial Enterprise Workstation For Garduates
                  IOS9001 quality system certification
                  Wuxi "123" Project Supported Key Enterprise for Great Expansion and Growth   
                  Standing Member Of China Power Supply Society 
                  Nation Technical Standards Drafting Group 
                  Jiangsu Provincial Technical Center For Software Enterprise
                  Enacting Member Of CQC Technology Specification

                2009 EET "Top10 outstanding service type IC design companies"
                2010 Wuxi Science and Technology progress award
                2011 national key new product certification
                Suzhou 2011 innovative pilot company
                2011 6th china semicondutor innovative product
                Jiangsu provincial 2012 intellectual property manggement standardization model company
                Award Of The Annual Best Power Mangement IC By EET China in 2016
                The First Prize For Progress In Science And Technology By Wuxi Government 2017
                The Award Of Annual Top-10 Chinese Excellent Analog Semiconductor Enterprises 2019
                The Award Of Technological Innovation Product In 14th Conference On Promotion Of China IC Industry 2019
                The First Prize Of Jiangsu Science And Technology Progress Award 2019